Brand Copywriter & Creative Director

I love a good story—listening and telling. As a former journalist and editor turned creative director and copywriter, I help my clients find their voice and bring it to life. Health and wellness, beauty, fashion + design and consumer technology are the places I feel most at home.


I’m scrappy and creatively cross-pollinated. I can be a one-woman show or build and manage a team of writers and designers. I bring all I’ve got to every project, depending on its needs—concepting, creative direction, writing and editing, storytelling, content management, brand strategy and, always,

a good sense of humor. I believe that the best solutions come from close collaboration and that, as much as I love the simplicity of black and white, most creativity happens in the grey spaces in between.

Fast-paced environments in companies focused on creating positive

change are my favorites. Originality, authenticity and integrity are my north stars. I respect structure and process, but I also embrace chance and wildness. (Feral is one of my most favorite words.) I care about the smallest details, because they matter.


Both long- and short-form writing are fair game: integrated brand and marketing campaigns, websites, articles, blogs, brochures, video scripts, ads, packaging, infographics, names and taglines. I also love creating brand voice and editorial guidelines. (Something about keeping everything consistent and tidy. More on this later...)




I want to hear your story and help share it with the world.

Let’s talk.


ag AT ameliaglynn DOT com



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