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GE, Comcast, ExxonMobile, Sam's Club, Master Card, Stanley Tools, Wells Fargo, Bank of the West, Pearson, Cisco, Janus and Samsung are just a few of the brands I've consulted with on a variety naming and brand architecture projects. I also enjoy helping startups and nonprofits find the perfect name and descriptor line for their company, product or service.


Here are some recent examples of successful names I’ve generated:


aos Skincare




  • ARTIK IoT Platform + modules 

  • Renamed Digital Health Innovations Lab, a partnership between Samsung and UCSF aimed at vetting and        recommending at-home medical & health devices. Favorites included: Ingenity, Lightwell, Telient, Lumonic and Hatch. 




The Nines  - New Oakland-based specialty, local and organics foods incubator/accelerator, commercial kitchen and food maker community space (in partnership with Whole Foods).


MoneyGeek - Financial guidance website geared towards millennials.   


Triphaven - Trip planning website geared towards millennials that combines sharing and building itineraries, reviews, booking reservations and planning trips with friends.  (Renamed from “Wheredego.")


Rock+Feather - A new friendship app for women.

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